How to Add Free SSL in WordPress with Let’s Encrypt


By listening to the name of the SSL SSL you must have understood how much it is necessary for our blog or website. If you use a normal blog then it is not so important for you. But if you have a website from which you do business, then you must use SSL in your website. So friends in today’s post, we are going to tell you that if you create a blog in WordPress then how can you use SSL for free.

So before knowing this, we know that what happens to SSL is that
you open many types of websites in the browser. You have seen the green color next to the URL of some website and will also be secured in front of it. And HTTP will be replaced by https. So this means that SSL is being used on this website. This website is absolutely safe. No one can hack the website with SSL. If your website opens in https instead of HTTP, then such a website ranks well in google too. Google also likes such a website and its results show first. So now you have come to understand how much SSL is necessary.

But using the SSL if it was done some time ago was very expensive. But now we get this service free from Cloudflare. Now we do not need to take expensive SSL. We can use this service of Cloudflare for free.

 How To Set Up Free SSL Cloudflare

Friends, I do not prolong my articles. Only point out the issue. So here I am going to tell the same way. 1. First, go to and sign UP  2. Now you have to select your plan. Select the free plan (if you wish, you can also take a plan.) 3. Now go to Domain Name. And enter your domain. After this, you will find the nameservers of Cloudflare. These nameservers need to add you to your domain account. (nameservers may take up to 24 hours to change) 4. Now you will see the Crypto icon. Click on it  5. Select Flexible SSL Now

 How To Use Free SSL Certificate in Wordpress  Blog

Now you have to install 2 plugins in your WordPress blog  1. Wordpress HTTPS Plugin2. Cloudflare Flexible SSL Plugin

 How to set up the WordPress HTTPS Plugin

Go to the settings of the plugin, there you will see many options. All of them have to stay like this, but you have to do yes in the option of Proxy. After this, the settings have to be saved

Create https Page Rule in Cloudflare

1. Go to the Cloudflare account
2. Click on the domain name
3. Go to page rules
4. Now Create New Page Rule
5. You have to enter the URL of the website like this ( 6. Then The Setting is in “Always Use HTTPS”  7. Now save the settings

Change WordPress site URL

Now go to WordPress and start your site from https instead of HTTP. Now check your site open to check. If it’s open in https, then it’s okay to do so again.



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