10 Best Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes 2018

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If you use WordPress, you can build a webshop with WooCommerce. In our WooCommerce manual, we explain to you exactly how you do that.

WooCommerce works with the most (free and premium) WordPress themes, but there are themes that can handle WooCommerce just a little bit better because WooCommerce webshops have been taken into account during development. There are many paid WooCommerce themes that you can download on the WooCommerce website. Of course our favourite (premium) WordPress theme Divi is also compatible with WooCommerce. But there are also many free themes that are optimized for WooCommerce! In this article, we list our favourites.

1: Shapely

Shapely by Colorlib is one of the most popular free WooCommerce themes at the moment. It is one of the most advanced free WordPress themes of the moment and has infinite possibilities to customize the theme to your wishes.



2: Storefront

The storefront is the free WooCommerce theme from WooCommerce itself. You can download this theme for free from the WooCommerce website. A big advantage of Storefront is that the theme is built by the makers of WooCommerce, so you know for sure that everything works together perfectly.


3: Tyche

 is just like Shapely from Colorlib. This theme is also ideal for your WooCommerce webshop. Tyche has everything that you can expect from a webshop theme: it is responsive and offers several places where you can place banners (with promotions).



4: Brilliance

 is a wonderful WordPress theme. The (free) Lite version offers all kinds of features that are suitable for your WooCommerce webshop. For example, the theme is responsive and there is a clear focus on conversion. Brilliance is not only compatible with WooCommerce, but also with WPML and all kinds of other plugins.



5: Zerif (Lite)

Like Brilliance, the theme Zerif has both a paid and a free (Lite) version. The Zerif theme is built with Bootstrap and has parallax support built-in. Of course, the theme is also responsive.



6: Seller

Seller is a free WordPress theme that is also suitable for WooCommerce webshops. Previously this theme used a theme options panel, but now you can adjust everything from the WordPress Customizer.




7: Make

Make is a free theme that is very suitable for building a small ( boutique) webshop. In Make is a drag & drop page builder. Moreover, you can customize virtually everything from the WordPress Customizer, allowing you to Make can quickly create your own unique shop.



8: Vantage

Vantage is one of my favourite free WordPress themes. The theme is fully optimized for WooCommerce. Thanks to FontAwesome integration, you can place hundreds of iicons onyour site. There is also a Premium version of this theme, in which the possibilities are even more extensive.



9: Klasik Framework

Klasik Framework
  is a so-called “framework theme”. That makes the theme extremely suitable for building on. You should not use the theme “out of the box”, but rather as a starting point for your own (further) development. Are not you technical? Then you better use a different theme.


10: Virtue

 is the last theme in our overview. The theme is built on the basis of the Bootstrap framework. The makers claim that Virtue already offers full support for Gutenberg . With Virtue, you can adjust almost anything without writing a line of code.

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