How to Earn More Money from the Amazon Affiliate Program

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In this guide, I will tell you how you can increase your Amazon affiliate income by using

How to earn money from an Amazon affiliate program using

The concept of is great for any internet marketer and I find that this method is quite good so that anyone can start with it easily. Onboarding is simple and once you create a trial account, you can easily find out how effective this service will be for you.

Once you signup, you need to copy/paste your Amazon Affiliate link to will auto-detect that which country you have signed up for Amazon Affiliate Program.

Note: Copy your affiliate URL from the address bar and paste it as shown in the screenshot above. It will auto detect the location, but please click on “Connect this Program” to cross-check.

In my case, it looks like this:

Adding the iTunes Affiliate Program:

To add your iTunes Affiliate program with, you just need to copy/paste the token from your PHG account.

Creating your first link:

Click the “Links” tab and paste your first Affiliate link.

Here you can learn how Amazon can create Global Affiliate Links.

Integrate with your website:

The best thing is that they offer different ways to integrate with you.

Javascript method:

This is the easiest method that works with every single platform, including the BlogSpot (Blogger) platform. All you have to do is just paste some lines of code before closing the </ body> tag. You can use Google Tag Manager in WordPress to manage all these tags from one place.

If you have multiple websites, take advantage of the “Group” feature.

WordPress Plugin (Amazon Link Engine):

If you are a WordPress blogger like me, you can use or the official Amazon link plugin. All you have to do is generate an API from account, and go to your WordPress and configure the plugin with that key.

This will automatically redirect all existing links to the Affiliate program.

Note: They also have an iTunes engine plugin which is for the iTunes Affiliate program. From here on this plugin, you can learn about the download and iTunes Affiliate program from here.

Chrome Add-on:

They also have a Google Chrome add-on, which allows you to create links directly from the page of the product. This is useful when you do not want to use Javascript or the WordPress plugin.

After using for 30 days, my income stats:

Before using I used to only link to’s store. Ever since I integrated with, I started sending traffic to different stores according to the geo-location of Amazon. In the graph below, you can see the distribution according to the click destination.

And these are the stats of my Amazon India associates program, which were not generating any money for me before using

And in another screenshot below, you can also see our Amazon UK stats.

Note: Ignore Amounts because we only promote products from Amazon. Pricing:

The pricing of is quite simple because you have to pay according to the monthly number of clicks.

You can do this service for free with unlimited clicks for 14 days, which is a great thing to test this service.

So, we can say is a tool that all Amazon Affiliates should use. Apart from affiliate marketing, you can use it for many things. You can send users to different geographical locations or to different links according to the device.

Its practical implementations are quite high and I know that you will find a smart way to use this tool. alternative for Amazon Associates

There is a WordPress plugin named Easy Azon which is not as powerful as but still is a popular plugin among the marketers of Amazon Affiliate.

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