Download PUBG Game For PC Without Emulator | How to Play PUBG on PC ?

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Free PUBG On PC Everyone has the dream of downloading the PUBG game for their laptops, but it is not so easy that we could download this also for computers, due to which we can download this Downloading lite variant on mobile was working.

But considering the recent updates to PUBG, the company has also decided to launch a free version PUBG PC game for the PC and it can be installed on any computer and its computer version game will be named PUBG PC lite. It has come in the market but how to download it and its link will be said Before knowing about it, let us know.

Latest PUBG Lite For PC: Some Info

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds game, which is known throughout the world as its short form name, PUBG, this game is played much less on the PC and more on the mobile.

Because it is a Paid game and PUBG corporation has just released its free variant for mobile, now it is thought to release the company for its free variant PC from 2019 and its beta version has arrived in the market.

PUBG lite PC system requirements:

Whenever it comes to play on the computer then the first thing in our mind is that what are the requirements of the game? Will I run in whatever system I have or not? But this time you do not need to buy system upgrades or new systems to play your favourite game.

Because the minimum requirements for its Lite variant are such that everyone is in PC.

  • OS :  Windows 7,8, 10 , 64Bit
  • CPU: Core i3 2.4GHz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • HDD: 4GB to 2TB

PUBG Lite PC Game-play Features:

It does not have to tell you what happens in mobile and on the computer to play games. There is a mobile light weight portal device that we can carry on anything comfortably and can play games on anything but not the PC, but even then fun comes home and comes to play on the computer itself.

The player version of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds game was developed by  dev elopers very thoughtfully so that it can be easily played in every computer and for this, the game’s graphics, control has been managed very well. 

PUBG lite PC without without emulator – This is the most important feature because any version of it without the help of an emulator, you can not play on PC. But its latest lite variant can play without emulator on your computer.

Low Graphics Requirement – Developers combined the features of Mobile and PC to create a computer version game. for example..

  • Graphics is exactly like the mobile version and this is the reason why it does not require any type of external graphics card to play on the computer. The control system is taken from its computer version, which makes it easy for you to play on PC and that is why it does not want emulator in it.

How To Download PUBG Lite For Laptop?

Bad PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds game lite variant only came to Thailand, so if you have to download it in India or any other country then you have to use a small internet tricks only then you can get the PUBG lite PC download link .

To download this, we will have to change our existing internet network’s location from India to Thailand and you will need a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Ha! There is a relief for you that you can use free or paid VPN of any kind. If you search for VPN for thailand on the Internet you will find many software.

After setting up a VPN, you will have to open the on the URL browser and apply for the unique ID with Email, Password and DOB first to apply.

After your account setup is complete, you will have to open the URL and download the exe file for the system. You can download direct from this URL if you wish.

After downloading and installing, you will need to login to the ID and then the game setup file will be downloaded. You might not be able to open the game now because it has a beta version and you can gameplay as soon as its server starts.

Friends, PUBG lite for PC How to download and how to use it? Hope you’ve got to understand. You might not be able to enjoy the gameplay right now because its server may be started after a few days and you should be configured. But as soon as you start you can enjoy the fun without emulator of PUBG Lite PC gameplay. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not forget to comment and share this post together.

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