Common Business Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Marketing

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When browsing online, it is amazing to see how far the internet can reach. It seems you can virtually find anything and everything you want. It has even changed how we do business and marketing. Social media has indeed evolved so fast in such a short time, that we see any kind of business has it as part of their marketing strategies. From small businesses that only need a laptop and an internet connection, up to those big corporations with high rise tower offices, social media marketing has become a tool of choice in promotions and branding.

However, social media marketing can be tricky to handle. Some businesses seem to hold social media as the holy grail of advertising, but really, it is just one of the many ways to sell your product. In the end, it may even be a waste of time and resources and may put your branding in a bad light.  It is not the end all be all of marketing, If not done right, it can be a bad marketing choice!

Here are some common social media marketing mistakes that can be avoided:

No social media strategy

Without proper planning and strategy, a marketing on social media platforms is a waste. Having a sound marketing plan that considers time, investments, goals, and strategies for interaction is a must. You should be able to make a simple and direct description of who you are and what you do. Keeping it short and simple allows you to maintain focus. It should also be your business to be in the know of who is talking about you and your brand and why they are talking about you. There are many free tools that you can get online to monitor your social media interactions.

Too much too soon

It is common to see a brand that seems to be all over the place and suddenly vanish out of thin air. And when you check their pages, most of their posts are out of date. It is easy to make this mistake. Businesses often create accounts on many social media channels and end up being overwhelmed by the upkeep of the accounts, unable to update their content over time. To the followers, this often gives the impression that the businesses are disorganized, and might even be out of business already. Knowing which platform to use and maintaining a presence there is essential in keeping your branding relevant in social media. It is better to have a strong interaction in two channels than to have four accounts on different platforms that have no engagement.

Not “social” enough

Engaging with your followers is the key to a winning marketing strategy. Most interactions in social media are actually based on real-life relationships. Most are acquaintances, friends and family members connected online as an extension of their offline lives. So, the way to engage with them is to build relationships. Take the time to ask about their interests and ideas and learn more about them. Make an effort to show interest and not just on shoving business down their throats all the time. People engage in social media to connect, and selling a business to them may put them off. For business related matters, it is also important to show your interest in them. Respond to their queries fast. Most users expect responses within the day, in Twitter, even within hours. So best not leave them hanging, or you risk losing potential buyers.

Irrelevant and inconsistent posts

To be a relevant presence in social media, pay careful attention to what you post. Making an effective branding requires a strategy that can elevate you as an expert in the field, and your posts should reflect that. Remember that your account is not for your personal enjoyment. It should contain information and articles that are important to the brand. If you want to be seen, make your posting schedule consistent. You would need posts that can create interactions. Try to work out a schedule that would allow you to have time to do those activities. Once you have made a schedule, prepare a list of topics that you would want to be in your posts. You could cover trends, interviews, events, reviews, pictures, and even create web-based tools that are relevant to your product and can help your followers.

Your followers will know if you are only after their money

Just as in any marketing strategy, the goal is to be able to bring your product to an audience and to convince them to buy it. But marketing your product in social media should be done with an authentic approach, and show genuine interest to your followers. As mentioned earlier, people use social media to connect, interact, and build relationships. Often, they buy products based on recommendations from people they know. If you come across as someone who is only after a sale, then you will lose the relationship you have with them, and your account will be seen more like an ad bot.

Social media is a great marketing platform if it is done right. With the world at everyone’s fingertips, it is the fastest and surest way to reach more people. But failing to use social media the right way can be a waste of everything your business might have. If you are not confident with your ability to maintain a social media presence, think about hiring professional help in doing it. It is best to do it right than to do it wrong and regret it.

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