Clickadu Review – Is It A Good Adsense Alternative?

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You are terrified to the core! You know that your income is going to cost a dip the following month. You are afraid that you can not live the life you once dreamed of. Why because your AdSense account has been blocked. Are you in such a weird situation?

Do not worry! You can recover your income standards, period.

Clickadu review

Over the past few years, AdSense has imposed unnecessary restrictions on publishers who have caused many denials and bans.

If you are someone who does not have an AdSense account or a blocked account, you have just found the golden spot, because I am going to introduce one of the best alternatives to you.

We always analyze a product by checking the specification sheet. Let’s take a look at the functions.

Features of Clickadu

Clickadu was founded in 2014 and serves the advertisers and publishers in a reliable way. The number of publishers (3000+) and ad campaigns (3800) show how popular they have become within a few years.

The following are the characteristics of Clickadu network, which I found attractive.

# 1. Profitable formats

Of course, you are familiar with many ad formats. You know what? Not all are profitable! They just steal enough space from your blog and give no profit for it.

I have seen tons of AdSense publishers, who do not even earn a single dollar a day. The disappointing fact is that most of them also get decent daily traffic.

That is why I said that diversity in formats does not matter.

From now on Clickadu offers clickunders and pop-unders, which are quite efficient to give you an exciting RPM. They also work on the CPA model.

# 2. Responsive Ads

Google started to be receptive for some time as a ranking factor. And almost every webmaster followed the guidelines of the search engine maestro to make their sites mobile-friendly.

What if your ads do not respond?

Believe me; I have seen sites that are not just responding because of the presence of AdSense ads. Yes, it’s true. I had to put my phone in landscape mode to read everything on such websites.

There are no such problems at Clickadu!

The advertisements given by them can be viewed without problems on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

# 3. Highest eCPM

Have you heard of eCPM? If you are new to this entire advertising world, chances are you have not done that yet.

eCPM is the short form of effective cost per mile. Cost per mile is the amount that an advertising network offers per thousand views.

Usually, eCPM is calculated in the following way.

Total earn
— X 1000

If your eCPM is $ 5, it means you can get $ 5 for every thousand impressions.

Clickadu has the best eCPM for 200 countries. That means you get top profit for almost every country from which you receive traffic.

# 4. Spot-on Analytics

The accurate analysis and tracking are more than essential for an ad network, because that’s the only way to discover how many impressions or clicks our ads generate.

Google has a special data tracking tool called Google Analytics. And it makes it easier to keep track of tasks.

Is there something for Clickadu?

No, but they have integrated the tracking capabilities into the ad code you get. As a result, no click or page view can be found.

They refresh statistics every hour to receive the most recent analyses.

# 5. Automatic payment through different channels

Clickadu works on the basis of automatic payment. You can set this once or twice a month. And their system activates the payment transfer process without bothering you.

At this moment you can use the money via PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney, Payoneer or Wire Transfer. Most publishers worldwide are happy with this.

Yet they are going to take an extra step by working on the Bitcoin payment, which will soon be added to the system.

# 6. Referral program for extra income

Who does not like an extra income, right?

Clickadu has a referral program that allows you to earn 5% of what your referrals do. All you have to do is share your link with publishers.

When they sign up and start making the profit, you receive your share.

# 7. 24x 7 customer support

We are not all geeks in advertising platforms, but sometimes we need expert guidance. Clickadu has a 24 × 7 customer service team from whom you can search for all types of help related to the advertisements.

You will have your own account manager for easier access. So, go ahead and become a member as a publisher🙂

Final judgment

It’s your turn now! I have provided you with important information about the ad network. You must click for Clickadu, especially if you do not trust AdSense.

I invite you to perform an A / B separation test between Adsense and Clickadu ads. So you will get to know which performs better.

Do not sit down and forget this post. Just go out and create an account for monetization with your traffic.

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