Changing The WordPress Default ‘Admin’ Login Username

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WordPress Default Admin Login Details How to Change WordPress Default Admin Login Details  Whenever WordPress blog/website security is spoken. The first goes to the WordPress Default Username Change.

Default Username Change

The WordPress Default Username Admin is and WordPress time often is installed with Easy password installed. There is no problem in installing WordPress with the admin username and Easy Password. However, when the site is finalized, its username and password should be changed.

There are several ways to change WordPress Admin Username. But here’s the easiest way to tell. If there is information about the code then PHP can also be done from my admin.

Install the WordPress Plugin and want to change the username, it is also possible. But if it can work easily, then what is the need to install PHP MY Admin or Plugin?

Change WordPress Default Username

The default username for WordPress Security has to be changed, as well as the new username should have some special characters or something that can not easily be guessed. Below is a step by step guide to change the username.

#1 Login To WP Admin Panel

Log in to its admin panel with the WordPress Login Details. Users tab is displayed at the bottom left side of the plugins in the left side as soon as log in to the admin panel. It has to be clicked. Users can see all the users as soon as they click on the tab. As you can see in the below screen shortcode. In this screen shortcode, click Add at the top is also visible.

#2 Add New WordPress User

A form opens as Add New Click. The screenshot of the form is given below. Hire the right information in all Blank fields and click Add New User Button below.

The username which you want to enter in the username is to be entered. But it should be slightly twisted. It should be someone whom no one can guess. You can put some special symbol next to the name.

Email  Here is the user id write ID. If there is no other email ID then you can write @ by typing anything. (Instead of, write the domain of the website.)

The first name to write the user’s first name

The last Name has the user’s last name in it.

A website has to write the home page URL of the website.

Password is written in an automatic pronoun password, it is better not to change it.

Send User Notification  Here is a tick box, Tickling in. Email Details on the given email ID.

The Role  Appears Subscriber, Editor, Contributor, Author and Administrator. But this is being done to secure the account. So give it to Administrator Right

Now a new user has been added after clicking Add New User Button below. In this way, the  WordPress Default Username changed but there is some other change in it.

#3 Login with New User and Delete Old One

Now the new user is created to log in with it here again to do the same thing that was done earlier. Now again click on the Users Tab appearing on the left side. Clicking here starts displaying all Username Details. The first one to be the user admin that has to delete is to be deleted.

After all, your work is done. This is done with the help of PHP MY Admin and WordPress Plugin. If you want to learn from WordPress plugin or PHP MY Admin also, then comment.

Change WordPress Login URL

The login URL for WordPress can also be changed for security. If there is information about HTML, CSS and Basic PHP, then manually editing the code. If you do not have HTML information then you can do it with WordPress Plugin. You can use WPS Hide Login plugin to hide WordPress login URL. But I recommend using at least the plugin.

Conclusion Secure WP Login Details

WordPress can make a website or blog very easily. So far around 30% of the world’s website is built on WordPress. Some people say WordPress has less security than other frameworks. But when 30% of the website is on WordPress then there is more security and hacking is also high. Perhaps you remember, whenever there was a road accident, the name of Mahindra Bolero came in. However, some people started accepting it as Negativity of Bolero. It’s not like the Bolero will be on the road only when the accident will also be of Bolero’s Mercedes Bench. That’s why, while 30% of the website is on WordPress, some of this security is also weak. That is why there is less security in the WordPress website.

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