BlogSpot Users How to Prepare for Migration to WordPress

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BlogSpot is a great free blogging platform to start your own blogging career. There are many bloggers who, after some time blogging on BlogSpot, feel that BlogSpot is not an ideal option for the future of their blog. BlogSpot cannot have an ideal option, there are many reasons. like-

So, after some time, bloggers want to shift to WordPress. Starting a blog on WordPress for a new blogger is a rocket science because it takes time to learn some basic things about WordPress. Eg- (Webhosting, cPanel, FTP etc. Because these are all some technical things.

So now the question in front of us is how to deal with the new blogger WordPress and how to prepare yourself to move on to WordPress.

How to prepare yourself for a shift on WordPress

When I started blogging, I also started with BlogSpot like all people and at that time I considered it as a right platform because it was a free platform and there was nothing to lose here.

I had to teach blogging basic things on zero investment on my free blog.

After that I moved my blog to WordPress where I taught many new things to use the WordPress dashboard, For example, installing FTP through cPanel, getting WordPress robots.txt, .htaccess file creation and many more things to learn about.

It took me a good time to learn all these things. I have done many mistakes these days and teach them a lot with those mistakes. Whenever I look at the days behind my So I say thank you to take this decision.

So whenever you think of going to Blogspot or from another blogging platform to WordPress, you need to prepare a little bit for that.

So let me tell you, what things you need to understand after going to WordPress.

First of all, you should be aware of self-hosted WordPress blog (

After this, WordPress should be able to install web hosting and domain. One thing you should keep in mind is that you have to invest in many ways to create a professional WordPress blog.

The resources I mentioned above is the basic requirement of WordPress that you should know about.

Get WordPress Locally

This is a best zero investment learning curve for you. You can install WordPress on many different methods on your desktop. A very easy way for the Windows user. With Instant Wp software, you can install WordPress on a desktop. This software is absolutely free and it is also very easy to use.

Get Blog

There is a  huge difference in and blog. If you understand it in simple terms, is a free service like BlogSpot but still, it is not good at all compared to BlogSpot. Because there is the limitation at every place in the service as if you can not use any ads on it, the theme has limitations also in the changes, plugins also have limitations.

Together, blogspot is better than in every single condition. There is only one thing in that it’s free and you can learn all the free resources of from its free resources.

But still, you can easily understand’s dashboard using

Watch Related Videos from WordPress on Youtube

Youtube is full of free WordPress training videos.

You can find a video of everything related to WordPress on Youtube. Related to WordPress, just search for whatever video you want, just by going to the search box. After that many videos will be related to him.

I suggest you go to youtube and start watching and understanding video related to WordPress. Along with this, you should also take care of this later when you go to watch a video on Youtube, then you also see the date of publication of that video.

If that video is too old, then you ignore it. Always watch newly published videos.

If you do this then you will get a lot of WordPress information.

Did you learn the basics of WordPress? Now what to do next.

If you have to start a WordPress blog at minimum cost So for that you have to spend money on hosting and domain name.

If you are not ready to invest in hosting and domain name, then I would suggest that you get a free web hosting and install WordPress on it. And use it for some time. When you have a thorough knowledge of all the things in WordPress, then you start your final project.

One thing you must remember is that free web hosting is used only by testing purpose. Never use your final project on free web hosting. If you keep using free web hosting, then this could greatly damage your WordPress blog further.

If you have good learning skills then you can learn WordPress well in 10-15 hours. Are you ready now to move your blog to WordPress to come in the WordPress blogger’s list?

With the tips I have shared above, you can easily learn about zero investing in WordPress. 
If you have a query related to WordPress, you can ask in the comment box.

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