What Are The Major Disadvantages Of Professional Blogging

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Hello Friends, If you are a blogger or want to blog, then this post is going to be very helpful to you. In this post, we are going to talk about some of the effects of blogging. In this, I will tell you according to your experience. So this post can prove to be quite exciting for all of you.

In my case, 4 years ago today, the world of blogging took place. Among them, I faced many problems in blogging. When I was new, I had a lot of interest in blogging, which gave me the most time blogging. At that time I used to study in school. After coming to school, the time was given in the homework, apart from that, it was time for blogging all day long.

I have never felt boring in blogging. But now I can not spend much time in this. I will spend a lot of time in blogging for a few months now. I have some personal problems right now. Because of which I can not spend my time blogging.

Blogging has given me a lot. The best thing for me is that they have given me “identity”. There have been many problems in my blogging journey too. Today in this post we are going to tell you some blogging Personal Side Effects K In this I will tell you according to your experience. Hope you enjoy this post.

Some of the Blogging Personal Effects

1. Impact on studies

This is the biggest loss of blogging. If you are a student and you do blogging, it will have a very bad effect on your studies. Because if you make your own, then you have to give at least 6-7 hours daily in blogging. In this, you have to do much more work with blogging and post writing.

I am also a student in my case, and also blogging along with studies. Right now I can spend less time on blogging. In the past, blogging used to be around 12 hours daily. I still have to give it 5-6 hours a day. For some time now I will not be able to spend much time on blogging.

If you are a student like me and also blogging along with you then you will lose a little bit of education and you will lose. Because you are not interested in blogging, but studying, it will have a bad effect on your studies. If you want, you can also blogging along with your studies at a good level.

If you want to take blogging along with studies as well, then the best way to do it is to forget about social media. Because you spend 2-3 hours daily on social media, you can save your time by doing blogging at the same time and you can do well with it. I am aware that social media is very useful for a blogger but according to my experience, my 2-3 hours are wasted in this.

If you forget social media and work to advance the blog then maybe it will be great for you. I am telling you in my experience that if you feel comfortable you can do so. If you have more time then you can manage time according to your own.

2. Laziness:

A blogger always has to spend more time sitting in front of the computer screen. If you spend sitting quietly for 6-7 hours a day, then slowly it comes laziness inside us. This problem is very common and many people are quarreling with it.

If you are also blogging in a lot of time, you would have felt that we are very tired when we work for 2-4 hours in the computer continuously. In such a situation, we do not feel like doing anything except sleeping. I have faced this problem too often.

If we tell you in simple, then a blogger has to spend 6-7 hours time drinking tea or coffee before the computer. By which gradually laziness occurs in their body. If you have been blogging for a lot of time, perhaps you could also deal with it.

3. Less Sleep:

When I did not do blogging, I slept for 8 hours but now I have to manage with blogging as well. In which I can sleep daily for 5-6 hours. By the way, normally I work till 12 o’clock, but sometimes I know sleep at 2-3 is due to some necessary work.

Similarly, if you are a blogger then you also have to work for a long time in the night. Most bloggers work only at night. Some people also do offline business or jobs with blogging. Because of that, they do not get the time and they do their work at night.

I am aware that you will be able to read many posts before the end of the day and also get a new post idea for your blog. Now you have to write a post for the blog before sleeping at night. Normally, most bloggers have this schedule.

When you’ve post publish in your blog, they go to bed like her sleep so the idea that social media then use the rest to do. Now you have to give some time to it too. In the same way, you are preventing your sleep for a long time.

But do you know that there may be many health problems due to low sleep? Nothing increases health for everyone. So when you feel that you are sleeping less then start taking a little more sleep.

4. Negative Thoughts:

Now everything has not been the same, now many changes have come. To make a small difference, we have to work hard for years. Should we keep working hard?

We work 4-5 hours to write articles and this results in just a few visitors. Is not blogging a joke?

Almost every blogger keeps coming in such negative thoughts. Such thoughts also come to my mind. This 100% comes in almost all bloggers’ minds. It’s a fear. These negative thoughts give negative energy to our body.

These are the right thoughts. But we will only ask you to hear it but try to ignore them.

I am aware that you write a blog post very hard but this does not give you a better result. But do not be afraid of it, if not now, in the coming time, you will definitely get a good result. Just work on your blog with this hope.

5. Can not give time to family and friends

This is my biggest problem. I have a lot of time, due to which I can not do my work properly. When I live in the house, my house gets disturbed by how much time I spend sitting in front of a computer. I can not openly talk or joke with anyone in my house.

In the house, I will go home sometimes with my friends in the rest of the city. My friends also get upset with me and say repeatedly what do you keep searching? I try to explain them but they lack a lot of technical knowledge and do not understand.

These were some of my problems. I am aware that every blogger has this problem. As a result, his family, friends, and relatives are very angry. So, I would like to say to all of you that human beings are a social creature. So, with the management of blogging, give some time to family, friends, and relatives as well. So that they do not feel uncomfortable to themselves.

6. Health problems:

As I mentioned above, a blogger can sleep for 5-6 hours only. When we get less sleep, it can not be a lot of illness. The biggest thing is that when you do not sleep properly, you will not feel any heart. Other than that, when you sleep daily you may face a major illness.

The greatest health problem in blogging is that there is a problem in the eyes. If you have been blogging for some time now, it may not be so, but when you continue to work on a glass computer for 2-3 years, there can be a problem in the eye.

Its best solution is to use anti-glare glass. Almost all bloggers use the glass. This does not affect their eyes much. If you want to keep your eyes safe then start using it right away.

Apart from this, headache is also the common health problem of Blogger. When you look at your computer screen for a long time, you will feel very tired and have a headache too.

Final Thoughts,
Blogging There are many advantages, but they also have some disadvantages. We should not only look at the advantages but also look at the loss. Because blogging is not perfect for everyone. In short, by blogging, you can not spend time with your friends and family, you have an impact on the study, you feel lazy, you can get a twist with the eye problem, get less sleep, and do not get a good result. Become.

I hope that all of you have read this post well. Thank you very much for giving your precious time. If you like this post, then share it on social media. If you have any question related to blogging, then please comment.

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