The Best WordPress Social Media Plugins Of 2018

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Are you active on social media or do you want the content of your WordPress website to be shared (more) on social media? In this article, we put the best WordPress social media plugins at a glance.

Different types of WordPress social media plugins

There are different types of social media plugins. This way you can use some plugins to ensure that visitors can share your content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Other plugins ensure that new content is automatically published to your social media profiles. There are also plugins to promote your social media accounts so you can send your visitors to your Facebook page or Twitter profile.

Which plugin you should use, is therefore just what you want to do with social media. Do you want your content to be shared? Then you use a plugin that adds “Share” buttons. If you want people to “follow” your social media channels, then there are also buttons for that. In this article, we list the different types of plugins

Share buttons

Do you want your visitors to share content on social media channels? Then use one of the plugins below.

1: Monarch (Elegant Themes)

Are you a client of Elegant Themes? The Monarch may be the best option for adding share buttons to your WordPress site. Monarch is standard with all Elegant Themes packages. There are also more than 80 WordPress themes in that package. Monarch also works with themes that are not from Elegant Themes. Monarch offers different types of buttons:

  • Above and below your posts and pages.
  • “Floating” (floating) share-buttons that scroll along and always stay in the picture.

2: Shareaholic

Shareaholic is one of the best-known free WordPress plugins for adding share buttons to your website. You can add buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google+ and many more channels; the list is huge. The plugin also adds share buttons to images on your website. This way your visitors can, for example, place your images directly on Pinterest.

3: WP Social Sharing

WP Social Sharing is a free WordPress plugin. The screenshot below shows the settings menu that is added to your WordPress admin environment. You can add share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Xing, Pinterest and Reddit.

4: AddThis

AddThis has been a well-known plugin for adding social media share buttons for years. If you link the plugin to an AddThis account, you will also see all sorts of useful Analytics. This way you can see which content is shared the most. You can call up the buttons of AddThis with a shortcode, but you can also have them automatically placed at the top and bottom of each page. In addition, AddThis (like Monarch ) also has “floating” social media buttons that are continuously in the picture (see also screenshot below).

5: Social Pug

Social Pug is the plugin with a free and a premium version. The free version contains only the five largest social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. There are more institutions and more social networks in the paid version of the plugin.

Promote your channels

Do you want to point your visitors to your social media channels? By making your social media pages and profiles visible, you can ensure that you get a larger base on Facebook and Twitter for example. Of course, you do not have to use a plugin for this: you can also upload a few icons to WordPress yourself and place them in a widget. Do not you feel like it? Then use one of the plugins below.

1: Monarch

2: Arqam

Monarch from Elegant Themes is also the best option for promoting your social media profiles . Especially if you are already a client of Elegant Themes, because then you can download this plug-in for free.

 is a (paid) WordPress plugin for displaying social media buttons. The plugin costs $ 20 but offers endless possibilities for how your buttons should look like. You can here view a demonstration of what is possible.

Apart from showing buttons, Arqam also keeps track of how many “fans” on “followers” you have per channel. This is then shown next to the button.

3: Social Media Follow Buttons Bar

The free  Social Media Follow Buttons Bar plugin offers all sorts of ways to place “follow” buttons on your website. You can show this at the bottom of every message, or in a widget in your sidebar.

4: Follow Us Badges

The free plug-in  Follow Us Badges is also intended to promote your social media channels. So you can put “follow” -buttons in your sidebar thanks to a widget and the plugin has all sorts of settings for how the buttons should look like.

Automatically share content on your social accounts

Do you have a blog? Then you may want your new content to be automatically placed on your social media channels. Especially on Twitter and Facebook, many website owners want this to happen automatically as much as possible. There are several plugins with which you can do this.

1: Publicize (Jetpack)

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin from Automattic. The free version of Jetpack includes the Publicize tool, which allows you to automatically share all your content on your social media accounts.

2: Social Media Auto Publish

Social Media Auto Publish can automatically share your content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Allow visitors to log in (and respond) with social media accounts

You can also let visitors log in to your WordPress website with their social media accounts, or have them posted with their social media accounts.

1: WordPress Social Login

The WordPress Social Login plug-in gives you the possibility to let visitors log in with their social media accounts. This means that they no longer need to fill in registration forms or to remember passwords. You can also import a list of users from Gmail, Facebook, Windows Live and LinkedIn. You can decide how many rights someone gets when they register with their social media account.

2: Social Login

Social Login of OneAll actually does the same as WordPress Social Login: it lets your visitors log in and/or register with their social media account. Visitors can also leave a comment with a social media account so that they no longer have to enter their e-mail address and name first.


There are many different good social media plugins for WordPress. Not every plugin does the same: one plugin is suitable for adding Share buttons, the other plugin is meant for “Follow” buttons. In addition, there are plugins that make it possible to log in with a social media account or post comments. There are also plugins for automatically sharing your content on your social media channels.

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