Best Affiliate Marketing Tools and Plugins For WordPress

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If you are affiliate marketing or are about to start. And if you want to improve your marketing or to increase your earnings then you can get the help of affiliate marketing tools. With Affiliate Marketing Tools you will be able to complete your work as quickly as possible so that you will also get a competitive advantage.

Affiliate Marketing is a competitive industry. So with the help of these tools, your chances of success will also increase.

So let’s know who you can use Best Affiliate Marketing Tools and WordPress Plugins.


This is a link management tool for WordPress. When you start affiliate marketing, both of your posts and affiliate link are very less on your blog. But as your blog grows up and you start using so many affiliate links. Then it becomes difficult to manage these links. This plugin is very useful at this time.

With this help, you can cloak your affiliate links (readable and small) and talk in categories as well. Talking to Affiliate links in categories makes it easier to manage your affiliate networks.

And if you have used an affiliate link many times in your blog. But for any reason, you have to change that affiliate link. Then you can change the entire link by going to the interface of ThristyAffiliate and editing it once. If it does not, then you have to change the affiliate link in all blog posts in one.
Alternative: Pretty Links


This is an email marketing tool.

A good online marketer starts building your email list right from the beginning. This is because there is no guarantee that people coming to your blog today will also come tomorrow. But if you have their email address, then you can email them and promote your blog post.

The special point of GetResponse is that unlike the other email marketing tool, it will not penalize you for sending affiliate offers in emails. And it is cheaper than other tools in the market.

Alternative: ActiveCampaigns

Opti Monster

This is a lead generation plugin.

To create an email list, you will have to create a form on your blog where your visitor will fill your email address. So optinmonster comes in handy. This allows you to create signup forms, after post signup forms, sidebar forms, newsletter form, floating bars, etc. The main purpose of using this plugin is to convert your visitor into an email subscriber.

You can also track each of your option forms, to see how each form is performing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has many important data related to your website] With this help you can track or view many activities on your site. As the visitor came by, came through, how long you stayed on your blog etc. All these data help improve the website. You can do a lot by using it correctly.



This is an ad management plugin. With this help, you will be able to easily manage advertising and affiliate campaigns. Whether you want to advertise your own affiliate advertisement or adsense on your website, this plugin will help you to do this easily. Its ready-to-use widgets and built-in visual editor buttons make it easy to place ads on the website.

You can also decide how long you want to display ads or banners. And from Adsanity’s performance report, you can also see how each ad or banner performed on your website.

Domain Name

If you are thinking of making a blog affiliate marketing, surely you will need a domain. To get more domain, you will need to register the domain by domain registration site. And I suggest you use NameCheap. There are two reasons behind this.

Free WHOIS privacy: WHOIS is the public record of the person registering any domain name. Whether you are affiliate marketing or simple blogging, you will not want to make your information public. Namecheap offers free WHOIS privacy with each domain.

Easy to use: NameCheap is easier to use than other domain registration site. And its customer service is also good.


A buffer is a great tool to handle your social media accounts. With this help, you can make a seven post in various social media accounts, manage and track the performance of each post.

You can also schedule the post if you wish. And also can track clicks, likes, reach, comments, mentions and retweets of each post. You can handle all your social media channels from the Buffer’s Dashboard.


This is an SEO tool. You need to do SEO to get traffic from Google. Without SEO, you will have to get the help of SEO tool to do the right SEO without spending much time.

With this tool you have to search keyword research, backlink analysis, link opportunity, competitive analysis, etc. then there is no one out of an ahref tool.

This introduction is not for the affiliate marketer. Its price is slightly more. But if you can spend money, then this is a money-backed SEO tool.

Alternative: SemRush & KWFinder

Web hosting

For a blog, you will need web hosting. A good web hosting will give you better customer service, security and faster site load speed (which is equivalent to better SEO and user experience). I will suggest three webs hosting to you.

WPX Hosting – This is for a large affiliate site or affiliate marketer. Which can cost?

Siteground – This is for a medium affiliate site or affiliate marketer.

In PaidBoom – I would suggest this, especially for the Indians.

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