ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ Monitor Review

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Finally the time has come: 4K monitors with 144 Hz are reality. But it is mainly the combination with G-Sync, a really good HDR presentation and the FALD (Full Arrow Local Dimming) backlight that makes the youngest generation of monitors really impressive. Costs then again 2500 euros, so full of tension we started with the Asus PG27UQ

It is not disputed that panel manufacturer AU Optronics has delivered beautiful work with their latest panels, with Asus being the first manufacturer with the ROG Swift PG27UQ to succeed in getting the complete product in the Dutch stores. Games that support HDR never came as impressive to our eyes as here, and even without HDR support the local-dimming backlight and the resulting contrast is impressive. It feels like gaming on the lightning fast OLED with the deep black values and unprecedented bright peaks, and thanks to G-Sync, 4K on a GTX 1080 Ti is really nice and smooth.

Physically it is also an excellent, sturdy screen, where the many RGB additions and the Batcave-like logo projection on the ceiling are probably meant to really attract attention. Fun for the enthusiast, but fortunately it can also be done.

The back is also equipped with RGB lighting.

Early adoption

However, it is clearly a first generation product. For example, it is necessary to apply aggressive chroma subsampling (color compression) to make 144 Hz on 4K possible, and you can see that clearly outside games. In addition, HDR on Windows is still in its infancy, few games really make out what’s in it. Even the FALD backlight (Full Arrow Local Dimming) is not perfect despite 384 zones. As a result, you will regularly be in the settings of Windows and the screen to reduce the speed a little or turn off HDR / FALD.

In addition, there is the price, 2500 euros is an extreme amount for a screen that primarily gamers address. It is admittedly a plus that our test results are so tight that professional photo and video editing are perfectly possible, but for less than half of the amount, we find that too. Just like we find 1440p 144Hz IPS screens well below 1000 euros, not as extreme as this, but screens without growing pains.

There is also the idea that 4K does not show up better on larger screens, and the rumour mill is already running at full speed in terms of a 32inch version somewhere in the coming months. The doubt to wait a while is undeniably present.


The ASUS PG27UQ is without a doubt the very best toy in the monitor country. Ultimate for gamers, excellent for other things, but also a very expensive and certainly no screen without the necessary first-gen minuses. This is especially interesting for people who can not wait to see how gaming will look in the future.

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