9 Important Blogging Tips for College Students

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Some years ago nobody thought that blogging would become an important way of earning money. For the past two years, we have seen an unprecedented increase in the number of blogs. Especially in school, college-like students have adopted this much.

There are lots of college students (most of them are from engineering college) who are spending their day and night blogging. Sadly, many of them are leaving their classes and are spending their time writing articles and researching their precious time.

This habit influences their overall academic performance. Here are some tips for them that will help them create the balance between college and blogging.

Blogging for College Students:

One of the things about my blogging career that I am very sorry about is that I did not start blogging in college time. To start your own blog, college time is the best time because at the moment you have the freest time and at this time you can work on your blog rather than losing on Facebook or playing Counter-Strike.

Also, it will help you to develop your personality and when you pass out from college, your blog will start creating a good income.

Just think, how would you pay all your bills on your blog income?

If you are one of the same students who are currently in school or college and have a blog then here are some tips that will help you get the best blogging.

Attend your classes

It is true that blogging offers a lot of money and fame, but you should also understand that the degree is very valuable for any student. Companies judge you with your academic performance, not your blogging experience. So do not ignore your studies anytime. Attend all the classes and keep a good percentage.

Create Proper Schedule

Make a timetable and make sure to blog your time of choice. Blogging or research did not make a night owl. This will affect your schedule. Try to fulfill your work and sleep before the midnight. Take at least 6-7 hours of sleep.

How much time should you give

It relies entirely on your college time. If your college ends at 5 o’clock in the evening, then you have 7 hours of studies and blogging. Try to make the balance between these two tasks. Both are essential. Be serious about your schedule.

Tell everyone about your blog

Try to tell everyone about your work. Do not make a suspicious boy among your friends. Give your blog address to your friends and ask them to read and comment.

Part-Time Job

Many students call colleges and other types of part-time jobs at college. But blogging is the most fun part-time job and it pays the most money than the other part-time job. Show your writing skills to some web publishers. If you are a good writer then you will get easy work.

Meet your meetings in your city

Try to meet some famous people in your field. Attend the Tweetup organized by blog camps, blogger’s meet or other bloggers. Register for these events and meet people from your field and talk about them about blogging. You can also ask for help from any topic about them.

Organize Blog Classes in Your College

If you are a self-employed blogger, you can organize blog camps for other students of your own college. You can also get permission from your college’s director or head of a department. You can also teach your fellow students about blogging business or tell them how to earn from blog.

Impress your friends

Blogging is the fastest way to get fame for any student. You can also become popular among your friends by showing your blogging skills. Just research some of the articles related to your blog’s niche and write about them on your blog. Try to solve the technical problems of friends through your blog.

Read related blogs from your branch

If you are a computer science student then you can read blogs related to your study. LifeHacker and HowtoGeek are very popular among computer users. In the same way, you have to know HowStuffWorks, Techcrunch and Mashable are different startup companies and social media information.

This is basic blogging tips for some college students. Do you have a college student who likes blogging? If you follow any tip mentioned above, then comment

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