7 Tools To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites From One Dashboard

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WordPress maintenance can be a very time-consuming process as you manage more and more websites. Fortunately, there are several tools that make managing multiple WordPress installations easier for you.

What does it mean to manage multiple WordPress installations?

Every WordPress website requires maintenanceWith this you can think of:

  • Updating the WordPress core
  • Updating themes and plugins
  • Making backups
  • Taking safety measures
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Speed optimization
  • SEO
  • Analyzing statistics and compiling reports
  • Web hosting and domain management

Suppose you book half an hour every week for one client to spend on WordPress maintenance. If you manage multiple WordPress installations, you can quickly tap them. Especially because you always have to log in and log out of each website. The tools below can save you a lot of time and effort!

The best tools for managing multiple WordPress installations

# 1. ManageWP

ManageWP is a popular solution for managing multiple WordPress installations.

Important features:

  • Manage an unlimited number of websites
  • Scan your websites for vulnerabilities with the WPScan Vulnerability database
  • Free Sucuri security check
  • 2-factor authentication on all your websites
  • Save free monthly backups (cloud destination of your choice)
  • One-click updates
  • Link all your Google Analytics accounts to the dashboard
  • Built-in collaboration tools
  • Free website template builder to build your own themes and mockups

# 2. CMS Commander

CMS Commander is ideally suited for managing blog networks and e-commerce websites.

Important features:

  • CMS Commander secures all communication with SSL
  • Log in with Google Authenticator 2FA
  • Automate backups (and save at multiple storage locations)
  • One-click updates for WordPress
  • Database optimization
  • Malware scanning from the dashboard.
  • Monitor page speed, uptime and even backlinks
  • Google Analytics integrated into the dashboard.
  • Clone entire websites
  • Manage ads and affiliate marketing

# 3. GoDaddy Pro

A few years ago, GoDaddy launched its own platform for managing multiple WordPress installations: GoDaddy Pro.

Important features:

  • One-click updates, automatic backups and migration.
  • Monitor and manage safety and performance from the platform
  • Also for managing non-WordPress websites
  • Can also be used as client list manager

# 4. Infinite WP

If you are looking for the most economical solution, then Infinite WP is a great choice. With this tool, you can get a lot of maintenance done for free. And once you are ready for more, you can easily upgrade to a premium subscription.

Important features:

  • Automatic backups
  • Automate malware scans
  • Monitor downtime
  • One-click updates for all websites
  • Provide detailed reports to your clients

# 5. iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync offers you the possibility to manage multiple WordPress installations from one dashboard and also offers you all the benefits of BackupBuddy and the iThemes security plugin.

Important features:

  • One-click updates
  • Monitoring websites on downtime and performance
  • Perform theme and plug-in activations and updates simultaneously
  • BackupBuddy integration
  • Yoast
  • Use the Client Dashboard feature to determine what clients can and can not see and do within their WordPress installations
  • Manage blog posts, pages and comments
  • Generate white label maintenance reports for your clients

# 6. MainWP

With MainWP you can change a single WordPress installation into a complete management dashboard for client websites.

Important features:

  • Your multi-site management dashboard is within your own WordPress installation. It does not matter that your client sites are on other servers. You do not always have to log in and out!
  • Simplified updates
  • Various backup options
  • Free Sucuri scans
  • Free Uptime Monitor extension

# 7. WP Remote

WP Remote is a simple but robust solution for managing multiple WordPress installations.

Important features:

  • Add an unlimited number of websites
  • One-click updates of core, plugins and themes from the dashboard
  • Easily take snapshots of your websites
  • RESTful API for developers
  • Manage and send invoices
  • Everything is white labelled, so your clients never need to know who is behind your maintenance platform

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