7 Free WordPress Admin Themes and Plugins

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WordPress management themes are not that popular because most people think they are not needed. However, if you develop a WordPress site for a customer, you can benefit from customizing the experience. In this article, we show you some of the best free WordPress management topics that you can try right away,

Difference between WordPress Admin themes and Admin colour schemes

WordPress Admin themes are not the same as  WordPress colour scheme for administrators. Users can go to their profile page and select one of the built-in WordPress colour schemes that they can use for their admin area. This colour scheme does not change the width, height, padding, and spacing of the WordPress user interface.

WordPress management themes, on the other hand, can be one step ahead and manage the width, fill, margin and edges of the WordPress user interface. Administrator themes can style and manage the appearance of various elements such as buttons, menus, links, and even typography in your WordPress management area.

Now that we’ve covered the differences, let’s look at a few ready-mades and free WordPress management topics.

Note:  All management tools here are actually plug-ins. You must install them as you would install any WordPress plug-in.

1. Blue administrator

Blue Admin is a simple minimalist admin theme for WordPress. As the name suggests, Blue uses the primary colour for the WordPress control bar. It changes the control bar on the right to white instead of matching the colour of the top bar.

2. Tamed Admin Theme

Tamed Admin Theme aims to simplify the user interface of the WordPress admin. This minimalist WordPress management theme uses a more calming and calmer approach for the UI colours. It looks very clean and simple and yet offers a familiar interface for the administrator.

3. Slate Admin Theme

Slate is a clean and simple admin theme for WordPress. It uses a dark brown admin bar with blue colour for links, buttons and menus. Slate focuses on improving the content writing experience for bloggers by providing a lean admin user interface.

4. Fancy Admin user interface

Fancy Admin UI is a neat WordPress administrator theme with a blue management bar on top and a menu bar in soft grey. Users can change these primary and secondary colours via the  Settings »General page.

5. Reimagined Admin

Reimagined Admin is a bold and dark WordPress admin theme. It gives the manager’s room a nicer look that can be attractive to some users. It is refreshing and strong at the same time.

6. Admin Color Schemer

Admin Color Schemer is not exactly a WordPress administrator theme. Allows you to change the WordPress colour scheme for administrators from an easy-to-use interface. This means that you can create an unlimited number of colour combinations to use as your WordPress administrator scheme.

7. White Label CMS

White Label CMS is not an admin theme, but you can adjust and change the WordPress management area. You can remove the WordPress logos and customize the administrator section to suit your needs. It is perfect for users who develop customer sites and want to offer them exactly what they have asked for.

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