6 Place to Buy and Sell Your Websites and Blog

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Website Flipping is a process of buying and selling Websites or blogs, and it is one of the hottest ways to make money online.

Many Internet Entrepreneurs makes huge money by building a profitable blog or website from scratch and they will sell it at a high price.

You may have wonder why they are selling a profitable site?

Just think about it. If you can build a site that makes around $10,000 per month in just 5 to 6 months and it can be sold for $300,000. Think how profit will it be.

I take you around 30 months to earn that $300,000. Where you can build five sites in that 30 months.

Also, The buyer will buy the niche they are interested in by bidding the highest price they can. Then they will maintain those sites or improve it.

But buyers pick the website or blog by looking at the following factors: 3-12 Months’ Average Net Profit, traffic source, Domain authority, backlinks pointing to the site and other factors which will be analysed by the expert before buying a website.

Anyway, we look this thing in details on another blog post.

Now I will give the list website where you can buy and sell website or blog on it.

Site List to Buy and Sell Websites or Blogs

We have also included some forum in this list where you can also sell your website or blog on it.

Flippa.com was launch in 2009. It is one of top Entrepreneur’s Marketplace to Buy and Sell Website, Domain name and even Mobile App. Flippa has over 800,000 users have been registered, so it is easy to grab opportunities.

Sedo.com is another leading domain name and website marketplace. Sedo let you list your site and domain for free. But you have to pay 10% on the sold amount as commission fee when a buyer gets your blog or website through them.

Freemarket.com was Acquired by Freelancer.com on July 19, 2010. Like flippa and others, you can buy and sell Websites and domain. But unlike others freemarket take only 5% as commission on the sold price where other marketplaces will take around 10 to 15%.

Empireflippers.com let you buy and Sell only quality websites. They will never you to list site which makes monthly profit less than 2000$. And even URLs get visible only after making a 5% refundable deposit. Seller needs to pay a $297 listing fee for the first time and repeat sellers can pay $97. The fee is 100% refundable if they reject your website. But the commission on the sold price is too high then other marketplaces where they will take around 15% of the sold price.

Digital Point MarketPlaceUsually, Digital point is a dedicated spot for discussion related to search engines, marketing, tools and other technical aspects. But they have created a subdomain for the marketplace where they let you sell Websites, Domains, Digital Goods and Articles.

Web-Hosting talk is similar to Digital point. It is one of the popular forum for webmasters on discussion related to domain and hosting.

Apart from this following sites, There are many more marketplaces to buy and sell websites or blog. Even in this list flippa and so are mostly used by the people to sell the blog and website.

Instead of targeting all these sites, I recommend you to buy and sell your site in flippa & sedo and if you need a quality website or if you need to sell your site do check empire flipper.

All this site have an active community. So you will get the expected result if you target this three sites alone.

If you have a question or if you need to recommend any other site comment below

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