5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Free Webhosting

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To start the website, a domain name and a hosting space are required. There are many free platforms such as BlogSpot, WordPress.com, but they have many limitations. Taking self-hosted site is a professional approach. The easiest way is to take a WordPress blog. Now, we need these things for WordPress blog, Domain and WordPress compatible hosting company.

Everyone knows that behind the extensive development of the blogosphere, there is a hand of awesome free hosting services like Blogspot, WordPress.com, Tumblr, etc. But in recent years, many events happening on free hosts are not good.

Problems with Free Webhosting:

I know that free hosting is cheap and you do not have to spend a single penny to host your site, but all such free web hosting companies use this freemium model to promote their premium service. A food of thought: Do you think that anything can be free without any benefit. I started my blog on free web hosting and it was a very bad experience. When you take your hosting account free, here are some common issues that may be encountered with it.

  1. Free Hosted Blog any one time over it could have

Free hosting providers can stop your free service at any time. According to Terms & Policies, they will surely inform you before discontinuing your service. But what is the use of it? You should move all the contents to the new server. Also, remember that if they’ve only closed new registrations and have reserved their previously hosted domains then you can redirect your links to your new domain, otherwise if they close their services completely, Then you can not even redirect your old links. As a result, all your old links will be dead.      

A very good example of this:

Yahoo Geocities closed its service in April 2009. At that time, he had said that new registrations would not be accepted but the old domains would remain functional and upgrade to Yahoo’s paid hosting was recommended.

Unfortunately, Yahoo later asked to transfer all the data before the deadline of October 26, 2009, and also said that GeoCities are not being dismissed but rather being deleted. This means that if any data is not backed by its owners or readers then it will never be recoverable.

  1. You can not sell your free hosted blog

It would be difficult to digest this truth. The truth is that your free hosted blog is not your own property. For example, read blogspot terms and conditions. It clearly states that you can not sell, share, and transfer your blogspot blog to any other person.

“No Resale of the Service. Unless expressly authorized in writing by Google, you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes (a) any portion of the Service, (b) use of the Service, or (c) access to the Service.”

You can sell your blog secretly to anyone. But if the blogspot gets to know about it then your blog will be closed and will also be deleted from the search engine index.

  1. There is no safety

I do not mean to make this post taller or to scare you repeatedly. Rather than the actual online events happening in the last few years, I am telling you this. Free hosting service providers cannot spend much money on security issues.

I remember a company (2IP) that offers free hosting services. Thousands of people started their own blog on this. But hacking experts had hacked their servers very badly. I also have an email to them, which they sent me a few days after the hack and in that mail, they told that they could not get back to the data. If you have a backup please the Hosting Company what we consider standard.

  1. There is no control over your server resources

You have no control over your blog server resources. If your blog is popular on Digg, delicious and so on, then your blog will definitely crash.

Do you know Leo Babauta of Zenhabits? When his blog first became popular on Digg, he told about his experience with blogspot in his free guide. In this book, he also told how he felt when his blog crashed after reaching Digg homepage.

However, when a more popular Digg user submitted a post to me, I had hit Digg’s front page and it was a rush. Unless my server crashes with all traffic. It was disappointing.

  1. Do not rely on free domain’s non-guaranteed promises

Catchy advertisements do not get scammed. Nobody will give you anything free of charge immediately without expecting to get it back or later.

Let’s come straight to the point.

In the past few years, you may have heard about free co.cc domains or have tried it. I have to tell something about it. Co.in and Co.cc are not the same things. Co.in is a TLD (top level domain), which has been approved by IANA to become a TLD. But Co.cc is not TLD, .cc is TLD, and is the name of the company cc website.

They do this for their subdomains free. Understand this, taking example.co.in and example.co.cc domain is not the same thing. When you buy example.co.in, it means that you buy your own domain, but when you buy example.co.cc, you use their subdomains.

They can shut down their service at any time or turn it into a paid model. If they close their website, then even if you host it on your own server, your blog will still be closed. Therefore register the correct domain on the correct registrar.


I know that you want to keep your budget minimal, but instead of choosing the option of free hosting, you should choose a cheap hosting that offers quality service at a very reasonable amount. If you are serious about starting a blog, then do not choose any free hosting or free domain model. Is your blog already on the free host? So this is the right time to move it to the best host.

Did your experience in that you never even stories that listened to? If yes, then what are they? In addition, do you still have to find is that free hosting the best option is?  

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