5+ PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers to Collect Payments

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Many people will be using PayPal for online business. There are many people whose stories of online success are also associated with PayPal. Well, the work of receiving money from foreign countries is not so much, if PayPal does not. PayPal Online was the first such service and it was the first to make international transactions so easy.

There are many such sites that are like PayPal, with fewer and more features. I am going to list some of the Best Money Transfer sites like PayPal in this article, which we have researched and searched. If you also have a suggestion for any such site then please tell us through comments.

PayPal’s Best Alternative: Edition of 2019

I am making this exclusive list for bloggers and freelancers. If you manage a small business then you must also check it out. So let us start the awesome list of our PayPal alternatives.


Instamojo is a great alternative to PayPal for Indian users. Instamojo has increased manifold through the exchange of money. Along with that, you get some exclusive benefits of having an Indian Payment Gateway on Instamojo, along with all the features that make PayPal available on the international star.

Instamojo is a great platform to invite money from anyone around the world, not just in India. And a special thing that makes it more like PayPal, is the low transaction fee. If you already have a PayPal user, you know that PayPal cuts off much money in international transactions as a transaction fee, but in Instamojo the transaction fee is very low and in most cases, it is just 2%.

We have already published a detailed article on Instamojo on our blog, which you can read by following the following link:


Payoneer is one of the oldest services for global payment, and now this service is also available in countries like India, Pakistan etc. With this, you will be able to receive money easily from the US-based and European countries. The best thing about it is that the transaction fee is very low in it, and it will have a lot of money for your money. Signing up for Payoneer is free, and once you use Payoneer to transaction $ 100, you get a bonus of $ 25.


Many of you will not know about this popular money transfer website, which has created people associated with the initial development of Skype. It has been backed up by Richard Branson, who is the founder of Virgin Group.

It also has the feature that PayPal is comparatively less transaction fee and currency conversion charges are also lower. This means that you will not lose money in currency conversion. Transferwise supports different countries and currencies. If you use the link given below to sign up in the transfer, your transaction will be completely free up to £ 500.

Claim your first transfer of transfers from here


2CheckOut.com is also a great website for online money needs. 2CheckOut has many positive reviews and it is considered as a great alternative to PayPal. Even use 2CheckOut to get money at ShoutMeLoud Store, and that too from all over the world.

It’s just a downside that its transaction and transfer fees are too much. If you use 2CheckOut, I suggest you keep your payment release level more so that you can save as much as possible on the money transfer fee. Getting started with 2CheckOut is very easy and support is very good.


Skrill is a great alternative to both PayPal and Payoneer due to the currency conversion rates (because these are the best of all). If you use it for a while then you will find that it works very well. They also offer a prepaid master card that runs a lot of places around the world. They also have iOS and Android apps to transact from mobile.



Remitly is a popular service that can send money to India or the Philippines. This service is for Indian and Philippines freelancers. He’s also running a very good promotional offer, which is that he does not charge any $ 1000 transaction. When sending money by using Credit or Debit card, the transaction automatically gets at the flat rate of $ 3.99. You have the option of sending payment without any fees, but it only happens for three days.

So these were some of Top PayPal’s alternatives If you are an Indian then this list is very useful for you. It was a bit difficult for us to make this list because every single service has its own unique features which you will have to manually check and experience. Anyhow, personally review, I like Payoneer and Transferwise very good.

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