5 Best WordPress Accordion Plugins (2018)

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An accordion on your website can be useful if, for example, you want to add an FAQ section: a page with frequently asked questions. An accordion can also be very useful for other types of content.

What is an accordion?

An example of an accordion on a WordPress website can be seen in the FAQ section of our eBook shop. Actually, the name says what an accordion does. Usually, it is a list of which you can “open” the different parts to get more information. This way you prevent your visitors from having to scroll endlessly to find the information they are looking for.

Some (premium) WordPress themes have standard functionality built in to make an accordion. A good example of such a theme is Divi, with which you can build your entire website with a drag & drop interface. Divi has an accordion standard that you can build with the Divi Builder.

The best WordPress “accordion” plugins

We have tested several plugins for you and put the best for you in a row.

1: Accordion

The free  Accordion plug-in is regularly updated and offers an intuitive interface in which you can create your accordions. You can then use it with a shortcode in your pages or messages.

2: Arconix Shortcodes

Arconix Shortcodes is another free plugin. This gives you various shortcodes with which you can add an accordion to your website. With this plugin, you can not only create accordions but also add tags to your pages and add different types of buttons.

3: Shortcodes Ultimate

If you use WordPress a lot, you may have already seen the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin. Like the Arconix Shortcodes mentioned above, this plugin not only adds a shortcode for accordions but also dozens of other elements that you might want to use. You can create tabs, columns, sliders and much more!

4: Smooth Accordion

Also Smooth Accordion is a free plugin. In contrast to Shortcodes Ultimate and Arconix Shortcodes, this plugin focuses entirely on accordions. The accordions that come out of this plugin are very simple and “clean”. For some website owners that is exactly what they are looking for.

5: Easy Accordion

The last plugin in our overview is Easy Accordion. This free plugin focuses on accordions but offers dozens of different layouts and even effects that you can use for your accordion. If you want to provide your accordions with all kinds of animations, then this plugin is really something for you.

Accordion in your theme?

Before you install one of these plugins, you can first check whether there is functionality for accordions in your theme. For example, the theme that WPLounge uses ( Gridlove ) offers a number of shortcodes,

If your theme already offers this possibility, it is a shame to install an extra plug-in for this. If you install too many plugins, your website will often be a lot slower. Moreover, the accordions that are standard in your theme are more suited to the layout of your theme, because they are specially developed for your WordPress theme.

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