5 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress Compared (2018)

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Hello guys today we’re going to talk about 5 Best Contact From Plugins For WordPress

Among the wide range of WordPress compatible plugins, I have selected for you only those that I consider the best, in terms of performance, ease of use and stability.

The plugins you will find in this guide are used to create a form from which users can send you messages. They are therefore a much more convenient and quick solution than the simple email address published on the site. In fact, they allow your users do not have to waste time to communicate effectively with you and eliminate the risk of messages ending up in your spam folder.

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Moreover, thanks to the selected forms and exchanges, you will be able to request users all the information you need in order to satisfy their requests. You will, therefore, avoid slow and endless exchanges of messages.

Using a contact form you will, therefore, have the opportunity to greatly improve the communication between you and your visitors/customers, greatly optimizing their experience on your WordPress site.

Here are the 5 Best Contact From Plugins For WordPress, with their relative description.

# 1  Contact Form 7

It is one of the most popular and most comprehensive WordPress plugins to create forms for contacts in HTML. At the moment it is active on more than 3 million WordPress sites!

Contact Form 7 supports Ajax filtering, use of CAPTCHA and is integrated with Akismet to filter SPAM messages. Furthermore, it allows you to create multiple forms for personalized contacts.

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At first use, the interface of this plugin may appear rather ‘technical’, because it uses HTML codes. Not for this is the plugin difficult to use, indeed, it is very intuitive and in any case has an efficient service.

Contact Form 7 offers the possibility to use a shortcode to easily insert the form on pages, articles or in the sidebar (inserting the shortcode in a text widget).

This plugin is the ideal tool if you want to insert a simple and clean contact form investing only a few minutes of your time.

Note! To add a CAPTCHA to your contact forms created with Contact Form 7, you can use the Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin, created by the same author of CF7.

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# 2 Form Maker by WD

This plugin offers a lot thanks to its features that allow you to customize the HTML of the form according to your needs.

Some of these are CAPTCHA, mandatory fields, multiple choice fields, fields for choosing dates, lots of colours and styles available, having the possibility to insert a Google map, questionnaires using Survey Tools, and much more.

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Like Contact Form 7, this plugin is also very popular and offers a solid and flexible solution.

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# 3 Formidable Forms

Here is another extremely popular plugin.

Formidable Forms is a WordPress plugin that allows you to preview the forms for contacts in HTML you are creating and modify them using the “drag and drop”feature, ie modifying the form by dragging the elements to the desired position.

You can also add various elements to the form, some of which are however only available in the PRO version. However, the free options are sufficient to create a simple but functional form.

Even with this plugin, you can choose to insert a CAPTCHA to limit spam contacts.

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# 4 Visual Form Builder

A really effective tool, if you think that installing it on your WordPress site you will have the possibility to build all the forms you want.

The drag and drop function, together with the possibility of customizing the CSS, make this plugin really advisable for its various possible uses, which allow you to build more than just a single contact form.

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Are you looking for a valid support?

If at any time you need a quick and affordable professional, we suggest you try the SOS WP technical assistance service.

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# 5 Gravity Forms

Here we are at the last tool on this list, but certainly not the least important. Gravity Forms is a premium plugin that allows you to do pretty much everything you need to build and manage forms of any kind.

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Gravity Forms is a very sophisticated plugin that allows you to create forms with logical conditions and many elements. For more information on using this tool, I suggest you read the dedicated guide.

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