3 Best AdSense Alternatives with Fast Approval (Zero Traffic)

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Hey guys? If you do not get Google Adsense Approval or you are launching a new blog or website, then today you have brought “3 Best Adsense Alternatives With Instant Approval” With Proof!

If you are a blogger then you know that there is no better Ad-Network than Google Adsense for Small Blogger’s

And Google Adsense also removes its new policy every day, which challenges this thing!

3-Best Adsense Alternative With Instant Approval In 2018

I will tell you everything about this Ad Networks! In the Minimum Payout side, you will also be able to tell which payment methods you can take on them!

On some of these, without the Traffic Approval is found! That is, create a blog and apply ads and start earning and something that just you have to apply 2-3 posts! Your Post Length 300+ Words


  1. Yllix
  2. Revenue Hits
  3. Adnow

1. Yllix – Adsense Alternatives With Instant Approval (1$ Min Payout)

It’s a network that you just have to create a publisher account and put it into your site by creating Ad-Code Generate! Once you have code in it, ads will start showing immediately!

Benefits of Yllix

  • 1$ Minimum Payout
  • Instant And Fast Approval
  • Place Ads And Go
  • Different Types Of Ad-Formats
  • Daily Payout – Paypal


Disadvantages of Yllix

  • Low CPM Rates
  • Low-Quality Ads
  • Ads Are Not User-Friendly
  • Low CTR Problems

If you are a small Blogger and your blog is small or you have a good traffic, try it

Join with the link below

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2. Adnow (Native Ads)

If you want Instant Approval in Adnow, then write a 2-3 post and apply and you get the code you get in it, put it in your site!

Now click on the ads displayed on your Site, Hogi will be counted as their Impressions, and soon after the Approval, the Clicks Earning will start!

Advantages of Adnow

  • Quality Ads
  • CPM ($ per 1000 Views)
  • High CTR 6-7% in erotic adult Ads
  • Block Ads (Big Size)
  • 20 $ Minimum Payout-Paypal
  • Customizable ads

Disadvantages of Adnow

  • Low CPM Rates (Sometimes)
  • 500$ Minimum Payout (Wire-Bank)
  • Don’t Give Payment Sometimes
  • Low CTR in Non-Adult Ads

If you do not own your site at the brand level! If you are adult-ads On, your Earning will be good.

Join Adnow

3.Revenue Hits – Best Adsense Alternative Fast Approval

If you like to apply quality ads, you can use this Ad-Network. You can use Banner, Slider, Popunder and other types of Ads.

Advantages of Revenuehits

  • Different Types of Formats
  • Accept World Wide Traffic
  • Amazing Dashboard
  • Instant Approval 24 Hours


Disadvantages of RevenueHits

  • Not Real-Time Reports
  • Delay 24 Hours in Reports
  • Not Friendly Ads
  • Increase Bounce Rate
  • User Redirected

You try all Ad-Networks one time and try whatever you like best

The Networld has told you! This is the 3 Best Adsense Alternatives with Instant Approval.

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