24 Ways To Make Money Online From a Website

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Make money with your website or blog! On the internet there are of course several lists on how you can earn money with your website, however, none of these lists are really complete. That is why I have compiled the most complete list for you. If I have forgotten something, please leave me a comment and then fill it in this article.

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

    Pay per click also abbreviated PPC is a way how you get paid per click. Someone really has to click on a text link or banner so that you as a webmaster receive a fee for this. One of the best-known networks that offer PPC is Google AdSense. Advertisements or text links will be shown to visitors who are either in your niche (same subject) or displayed according to browser history. Did you happen to look up something about a holiday home in Spain could be the best way to see an advertisement of holiday homes in Spain on the right-hand side.

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  2. Cost Per Click (CPC)

    Cost per click also abbreviated as CPC is also a way how you get paid per click. PPC and CPC are therefore virtually the same. Some large networks in the Netherlands that offer CPC advertising opportunities are TradetrackerDaisycon, and Zanox.  However, you always have to request an inspection for this first. Are you then approved for cost per click ads you can use here?

  3. Cost Per Lead (CPL)

    Cost per Lead also abbreviated as CPL is a way that pays per Lead. This can be an e-mail address, but for example, also a completed quote or contact form. The lead is a possible new customer. Often it is about obtaining NAW data from potential customers.

  4. Cost Per Sale (CPS)

    Cost per sale also abbreviated as CPS is a way of paying per sale. With this form of advertising, the advertiser only pays the webmaster when a sale actually takes place after the advertisement has been clicked. For an advertiser, it is, of course, a great way of advertising. You have already sold your product and give something to the publisher of the website. This way an advertiser does not have to work with his own money and only rewards you if he has actually sold something thanks to you.

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  5. Direct Banner Ads

    Selling your own advertising space is one of the most lucrative paid methods. This way you are able to determine your rates yourself. The most popular banner formats on the web are the 728 × 90 leaderboards, the 120 × 600 skyscrapers, the 300 × 250 rectangles and the 125 × 125 button. The disadvantage of direct banner ads is that you have to have a large audience on your website to attract high-value advertisers. Of course, it also takes time to arrange all this with advertisers.

  6. Text Link Ads

    Text link ads are advertisements that are hidden in texts. Often under anchor texts (keywords you want to be found on) to make the visitor click on them so you send them back to a website. Placing text links is possible with almost all advertisers in the Netherlands. However, choosing for the good advertisers to place in your just written blog article is a very time-consuming matter. Do you want to place these affiliate links automatically and save a lot of time? Then read the linked article in the previous sentence.

  7. Audio Ads (PPP)

    Audio advertising also called PPP (Pay per play) is also a possibility to advertise, however, these are not often present anymore. Nowadays you can stimulate the visitors visually better by placing a Video advertisement. However, recording a nice commercial and letting it play while visiting your website or a page of your website is a nice way of advertising that the visitor does not expect quickly.

  8. Video Ads

    Video ads are a form of advertising that is currently used a lot. Video ads have emerged in mobile apps, for example, to not have to pay in-app purchases but to earn by watching a video. The app owner then earned his money to show the video to you. Nowadays, this form of advertising also comes back more often in blogs. You know it you are reading and before you know it suddenly a video pops in front of you. In the Netherlands, VideoMediaGroep is a good network to obtain video advertisements. If you want to create and distribute a Video ad yourself, you can do so with the  Google Display service.

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  9. Affiliate Marketing

    An affiliate company is a company where you as a website or blog owner can sign up to make money by placing advertisements. The affiliate company manages this type of advertisement and has a whole tracking system behind it. This tracking system keeps track of how many times there are clicks, how many purchases have been made and how many requests have been made for a service,

  10. RSS Feed Ads

    Readers who only read your website via an RSS feed (website articles without formatting) and often get a notification via an RSS tool that they use for your website to read have long been skipped in advertising. It is a very lucrative way of placing ads that I certainly would not skip.

  11. Private Forums

    If you have a well-visited blog with valuable information, you can also manage a private forum where you can go deeper into the information and help people personally with all sorts of things. It is possible to charge a subscription fee for access to this forum. Some of this forum software are: vBulletin,  phpBB,  Simple Machines Forum and Vanilla

  12. Vacancy Boards

    Placing vacancies on your website is also a form to earn extra with your website. A good example of this is Frankwatching, for example. If you as a company looking for employees in this way, you can be assured that you will receive resumes from people who understand business.

  13. An option that is not used very often in the Netherlands is the so-called sponsor post. You then make a limited number of places on your website. Preferably on the front page of your website where you show articles from sponsor websites. For this, you can ask for a fixed fee where a place on the front page can, of course, yield the most.

  14. Advertorials

    Make money with advertorials. Advertorials are messages about products or services from a third party. You as a blog owner then compose an article where you advertise their product or service. Because you, as a blogger, transfer more trust to a potential customer by writing extensively and with enthusiasm about a product or service, the customer is more inclined to make a purchase.

  15. Selling Or Renting Internal Pages

    Have you written a super article on a blog or website page that is frequently visited? Is it possible to sell this page or rent it to someone? This person can insert advertising of himself in the form of banners and/or text links or of course both.

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  16. Donations

    Another earning option is asking for donations of course. Do you want to keep some credits for your work and motivated asking for a donation is not a crazy question at all? After all, you have done a lot of work for something that someone else can use for free. It is up to your visitor whether he or she makes a donation and how much they donate.

  17. In-Text Advertising

    The ad network scans the texts of the sites within its network. If she encounters one of the words or combinations of words you have chosen, the network provides the word in question with the tooltip ad. Usually visible through a pop-up if you go over it with your mouse. They are nicely displayed as a kind of mini website on your website. Some networks that offer in-text advertisements are Kontera and Vibrant Media

  18. Pop-Ups And Pop-Unders

    Pop-ups and pop-unders is a lucrative but annoying form of advertising on the internet. Do you really want to get the most out of your website it is an option to experiment with this? If you try to grow traffic and generate loyal visitors, I would not personally use it. The jumping up of such a pop-up is often regarded as very irritating. Just think of the hundreds of pop-up blockers out there: there is a reason why these are so popular.

  19. Sell An E-Book

    If you have a good niche website it is possible that you make an e-book and sell it. Are your visitors already interested in the information you offer you can explain this in an e-book even better or even give tips that you do not mention on the website? In this way, selling an e-book can be a lucrative business, which will make you a little extra profitable with your website.

  20. Sell A Real Book

    Many writers start a website or blog to support the sale of a physical book. But of course, you can also do this the other way around. You first create a website where you build authority and then write a book. This book can then be sold again and you have been sold faster because you have already built up authority in your niche.

  21. Offering Coaching And Related Services

    Are you good at something and you have already indicated this by writing high-quality unique content on your website you could also choose to offer this to your visitors in the form of a piece of coaching, course or even that you take the work off your hands completely by offering this as a service? People with little time to do something themselves will take this service from you sooner if they already know that you understand all this. They have already read this in your valuable articles.

  22. Create An Email List And Send Newsletters

    Creating e-mail lists is also an option to make money with your website. The logged in users can then be notified again if you have made a change on your website. If you have written a valuable article, it is always useful to inform your regular visitors by e-mail. Also in this e-mail, you can use the various advertising possibilities that I have touted you in this message.

  23. Creating A Conference About Your Website

    If your website becomes a success and you can profile yourself as an influencer in your niche, it is wise to start with conferences. This way you can meet your assembled audience in person. This way you can talk directly with colleagues in your field so you might find more advertisers who want to advertise on your website. Giving a conference is a good way to broaden your network.

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  24. Sell Website

    As the last option, you can of course also sell your website. If you have offered unique content for a while in a specific field, chances are that you can sell your entire website for a good price.


There are many ways how you can earn money on the internet with your website. As a final tip, I want to tell you that you get the most out of your website if you combine the above points and do not just use one business model.

If I still have forgotten a revenue model then I am so free to supplement this article in a comment. Valuable responses receive a Do-follow backlink!

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