10 Easy Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True

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Start for yourselfMake your dream come true! Do you want to start for yourself? You just do not know how well? Tips that help you!

So you dream of starting for yourself? Do you stay in this dream? Or … Are you going to take the step and really start for yourself ?!

One of the things I often hear is that people are hesitant to start for themselves that they are afraid it will turn into a flop. Or that they think they have to work on this 24/7. So they also have to give up their own permanent job. Do you recognize this too? Or are there other things that you keep holding in your dream?

I take you today in a number of tips that help you to step out of your dream and really start for yourself. Because I can tell you that it is fun, challenging but above all to combine with your own work that you already do.

Tip 1: What dream do you have

I think everyone is dreaming about something. Whether this is your own company or starting your own website. But there are of course many more dreams that you can have. The point is that you start thinking about your dream exactly for yourself.

Because if you just start it may be that this may not be entirely your own dream. You are dealing with others. And they also have their own dream. So do not be distracted by what others want from you. But take a good time on what is actually your dream.

Tip 2: Do not immediately say your own job

This is something I really want to impress you. You really do not have to immediately say your own job. At the beginning of realizing your dream to start for yourself, you have to deal with a lot of things that you have to take into account. And what you will have to consider.

Nick and I both also have our own job. Nick works full-time and I work part-time. And I can tell you that this can easily be combined with eNJee. Of course, we have to organize our time well and plan how we can do everything. That sometimes takes some effort. But let’s be honest, even without starving yourself, you will have to plan in the things you do and have to do.

Of course, our dream is to be able to say our job and be full-time with eNJee. But we really need to be certain. As long as that is not there, we will continue to work alongside eNJee.

So do not go to your boss right now with your resignation letter. But make sure you do this for sure.

Tip 3: Make a plan what you have to do

Starting for yourself requires a planning. What do you have to do to really start? What do you want to achieve? And how are you going to do this?

I’ve written it before. I am quite a bit of making lists and schedules. This may look like duplication. However, I can really tell you that this provides an overview. You see what you have to do and what you have already done. Especially if you have been able to tick off things 😉

Tip 4: Do you want a website or webshop?

When you know what you need to do and what you need, it is also smart to think about whether you want a website or a webshop.

How do you want your website or webshop to look like? Which colours do you want to use? It is good to also think about a logo and your house style. Because that is something that will soon come back.

You can make a website or webshop as simple or as difficult as you want. Please note that when you do this that it is suitable for every mobile device. Because nowadays you will get many visitors via mobile or tablet.

But also a fast loading website or webshop is strongly recommended.

Tip 5: Do not be afraid to fail

Oh boy, unfortunately, I still hear it so often. People who dream to start for themselves. But do not do this. Because they are afraid to fail.

You know if you do not try it you do not know. And fail? I would rather say learning moments. Because things that do not run as you would like to happen. Then think for yourself first how you could have done it differently or how you would tackle it differently.

I have told you. When Nick started eNJee he had a “boring” website (he thought so). He wanted a nice-looking website that looked super hip. So via WordPress a different theme. And yes his website really looked really cool (I can say that), But after a while, he noticed that the number of visitors was falling. This is something you are not really waiting for. And the problem was not yet 1,2,3 found. After about 3 months he found out that it was the theme. This immediately adjusted! And you guessed it … the number of visitors started to rise again. Nick really liked this. And it also felt like the failure. But I also told him, do not see this as a failure, but as a nice learning moment.

Do you want to change something? Then I advise you to go to Google in advance to check what others have to say.

Tip 6: Do it your way

You have a dream and you want to take the step to make this dream a reality. Do it your way!

Do you want help or tips from people in your area? Then ask for this. And especially let people not push their own opinion though. Also tell me honestly that you have your own dream that you want to realize. If you need tips or opinions from others that you will ask for.

Tip 7: Take the time

Starting for yourself needs time. One will be ready within six months and have set up something. While someone else may need a whole year for this.

What I often see happening is that people who start looking for themselves start to mirror themselves to other entrepreneurs. Or to other bloggers. This is such a shame. Because you are not them and they are not you.

So do it on your own time. And also take the time you need.

Tip 8: Talk to your loved ones

You have a dream to start for yourself. And you finally want to take the step. Important in this is that you will also inform people who are very close to you.

Think about:

  • Partner / friend / girlfriend
  • Children
  • A few friends if you want to.

It is important that you can tell what you want and why you want it. There will be some changes for you. But that will also be for the people around you. It may be that you sometimes have less time. If you then always isolate yourself without any explanation, this will cause misunderstanding and irritation. It’s not necessary.

This is a point that we too have experienced personally. Nick started for himself. And always sat behind his laptop or PC. I really irritated my behaviour. And now I must also say that in the beginning, I was not really interested in what Nick did (just say, nothing). That is different now because I am now busy with blogging. You will, therefore, understand that in the beginning, it has not always been pleasant. But now that we talk a lot about this together and also give each other openness, we also let each other do our thing when it comes to enjoying. As long as we know from each other that why we have no time for other things and for each other.

Tip 9: Free time for your relatives and friends

That starting time for yourself starts, and later, if you have been working on deadlines for a while, is logical. But is it important that you do not allow all your time to be swallowed up by realizing your own dream 24/7? No, I am not saying that you should not live up to your dream. On the contrary! Because I think it is super cool that you want to do this! Do something where you can get fun and above all a lot of challenge.

Yet it is important that you also make time for your neighbours and friends. Because they, too, are at your side and will fully support you. Also indicate that if it is not possible, you will catch up at a different time. And also let us know if that is possible when. And keep this free!

Then you show that you start taking it for yourself seriously, but more importantly that you take your loved ones seriously! When you are open about this you will also have less to deal with resistance.

Tip 10: Dare to take the step

You will if you allow your dream to become reality by taking the step to take on and take on a new challenge. This is fun, but can also be difficult. You will have to deal with less nice things anyway. But if you keep dreaming you will not be able to overcome it.

Questions, fears and doubts, they are all more than logical. But do not let this get the upper hand so that you will forever dream and regret later.

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