10 Best WordPress Themes for Startups 2018

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If you want to start a new website for your startup, you may not want to design and program all the themes for WordPress yourself. For start-ups, there are a lot of themes that you can purchase at a small price. Many themes come with a number of plugins so you can re-design the pages yourself.

Themes for startups

This collection of WordPress themes is intended for startups who want a professional website without paying too much for it. These themes have been specially developed so that you as an entrepreneur can focus on your products or services.

1: Hestia Pro

We start with Hestia Pro. This theme is not only intended for startups but can also be used for corporate websites. In addition, the theme has eCommerce plugins supplied, so you can immediately start selling your product on a website.

Most known WordPress plugins work with this theme, so you can easily expand your website. Hestia Pro is suitable for display on the mobile phone, is built for speed and is also SEO-friendly. The theme is full of possibilities. So you can place a slider on your website, or use a video as a background. Hestia Pro has a built-in page builder so you can build your website yourself in no time. You can also download a free version before you purchase the paid version.

2: Sparks

Sparks is intended for the creative entrepreneur who wants to build an eye-catching website for his company. There are no less than 12 flavours of this theme. Some of these editions also support opportunities to place emphasis on promoting mobile apps. Is your start-up a company that makes apps, then this theme is for you.

All twelve designs have space for landing pages, where you can place screenshots of your product or service. If you want to market a more traditional product, you’re still looking forward to Sparks. You can easily change the layout of the website and include texts, photo and video. Standard pages are provided where you can tell something about your startup and place contact information.

3: Startuply

As with Sparks, Startuply also offers a number of different designs. There are no fewer than seven available. Startuply is a theme that allows you to easily focus on the product. Is the product not yet available? Then you can create your own countdown page with this theme. Startuply is also equipped with a fair amount of animations that you can use to attract the attention of the public. In total more than 50 animations are available.

4: StartRight

StartRight is a professional theme, specially developed for startups. With this theme, you can easily adjust the layout to your own wishes. You can, for example, adjust colours, fonts and logos.

What’s more, StartRight comes with the Elementor Page Builder, which makes it easy to redefine the layout. This theme also works on the mobile phone and is optimized for SEO. Thanks to the live customizer you can see all changes in real time and you can immediately see how your website will look if you have changed something.

5: Business World

The use of visual components is central to the Business World theme. This makes it possible to use the slider and thus display images of your product or services. You can also place interactive statistics on your website. That way you can easily inform your visitor. Business World is SEO optimized and can also be linked to social media in a few clicks.

Business World is available in several variants and has unlimited possibilities to adjust colours and use widgets.

6: Stratus

Stratus is a WordPress theme that does especially well when launching and promoting startups. It does not matter which product you want to promote, with the nine designs from Stratus you are always good. Once you have chosen a layout, you can easily import your content – if you already had a website. Moreover, you can easily create pages yourself, thanks to the wide range of so-called templates. There are countless options, such as the use of sticky headers, boxed layouts and more. In total, you can choose from more than 700 fonts. This makes Stratus one of the most advanced themes in this list.

7: StartApp

By purchasing the StartApp theme you get a lot of value for your money. For example, this theme has a good range of demo content and layouts. This theme is suitable for a wide audience. The focus of the designers is mainly on tech companies that want to promote their products.

StartApp comes with the Visual Composer plugin so you can click on your own website with the help of a few shortcodes. You immediately see the layout of the website, so you can easily drag parts.

8: Root Pro

Root Pro is a good theme for minimalist startups. This theme is meant for companies that want to show at a glance what they stand for. Behind the scenes, you can easily indicate how your website should look like. This is possible by dragging elements. The interface seems a bit like the widget section of WordPress itself.

With RootPro you can, among other things, adjust colours, use sliders and change fonts. Thanks to the shortcodes you can place content anywhere on the website.

9: Enterprise

With Enterprise you put your content in blocks on the website. Enterprise has, for example, a section for services, portfolios, customer reviews and information about the team behind the startup. With the drag and drop website builder you can easily place widgets on the website. Making a beautiful website with this theme is child’s play.

10: Arlo

Finally, last but not least: Arlo. Arlo is a tight theme that mainly uses black and white. If you have a serious product that you want to sell, then this theme is the best option. Of course, you can also choose to adjust the colours to something more cheerful. With no less than 12 designs you can also promote any product or service.

The pages can be completely tailored to your own taste, because with the purchase of this theme Visual Composer is also delivered. This allows you to easily drag and drop website parts.

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