The 10 best WordPress themes for blogs (2018)

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WordPress is the CMS that you use when you want to start a blog. There are thousands of WordPress themes available, both free and premium. But which theme should you use for your blog?

In this article, we list the most beautiful WordPress themes for blogs (in 2018).

The 10 best WordPress themes for blogs (2018)

Our ten favourite WordPress themes for blogs at a glance. The first two themes in our overview are both from Elegant Themes. This means that when you buy one theme you can also use the other theme.

1: Divi

Divi is the WordPress theme of the moment. Because Divi is delivered in combination with the Divi Builder, you can easily create beautiful layouts for your blog. In addition, the Divi Builder contains dozens of beautiful layout packs that you can quickly change your website with. Divi is in the package of Elegant Themes, together with more than 80 other themes (including Extra, the number in our overview).

2: Extra

Extra is from the same makers as Divi: Elegant Themes. Just like Divi, Extra is standard equipped with the Divi Builder. Where Divi is a more general theme, Extra is meant for online magazines and blogs.

If you become a client at  Elegant Themes you get both themes so you can try them both before you make a choice!


3: Gridlove

Gridlove is one of our favourite magazine themes. Because we also use Gridlove for, this may not be missing our overview!


4: Emile

Emile is a tight, minimalistic theme for online magazines and blogs. If you look at the theme preview, you will see that there are many different types of layouts available in this theme so you can organize your website exactly how you want it. The theme has a light and a dark version and you can import “demo content” with one click, so you immediately have a nice website.


5: Trawell

Trawell is from the same makers as Gridlove and is meant for “travel blogs”. If your blog is about travelling, this is the theme for you! For example, an interactive map has been incorporated, with which you can also hang your log messages to a specific location.


6: Magazilla

Magazilla is a wonderful and extensive theme for magazines, blogs and even for news websites. There are many different layouts in Magazilla, so you can build a unique website. There are many shortcodes and you can build your content with a built-in page builder (Content Composer).


7: Jevelin

Jevelin is a multifunctional theme that can be used for blogs, but also for “corporate” websites. There is a page builder built in which you can easily build layouts and the theme is compatible with WooCommerce. In addition, there are more than 40 shortcodes in Jevelin.


8: Akyl (free)

Akyl is a free WordPress theme that you can download on You can also try this theme directly from the WordPress Customizer to determine if it is something for your website.


9: LZ Real Blog (free)

LZ Real Blog is also free. Just like Akyl, you can try this theme directly from the WordPress Customizer.


10: Orange Magazine (free)

Orange Magazine is a free magazine theme. Because it is also on you can try out the theme without any obligation by loading it in the Customizer.



Between the free WordPress themes on are very nice themes for your blog. Yet these are often quite limited in what you can do with them. Do you really want to get serious with your blog, then we recommend you to purchase a premium theme (such as Divi or Extra from Elegant Themes ). The advantage of this is that regular updates are made and you are entitled to support if something goes wrong.

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