10+ Best Free Photography WordPress Themes 2018

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A few years ago I wrote an article with the best WordPress themes for photographers. It was a hit because the photographer is still a specific target group. The form really goes for the function here. Although, it has to work well of course. We are now a few years further. The highest time for an update. What are currently the best WordPress themes for Photography?


Installing or purchasing a WordPress theme is not that difficult, of course. But you can be happy for hours and weeks by making a choice. At a given moment you have to make a choice and you should also dare to do that. It is useful to pay attention to the following issues because that prevents disappointments.

  • Do you choose a free theme or do you opt for a commercial / paid theme? Of course, it does not always work, but with free themes, it is more common that the support is limited. Also, such a theme does not always last long. It is important that a WordPress theme also continues to support the new versions. Guarantees you almost never, but it will be clear that, when a developer earns on the theme, the chance of long-term support is just a bit bigger. Do you use your website for your company? Then personally I would not quickly choose a free theme. Whether that one free theme should do exactly what you had in mind, of course.
  • What do other users say about the theme? You can often see what appreciation others have given. Are there many positive reactions or are there any problems that are reported?
  • Is there a support option and is there a good and reasonable response by the developer? Sometimes you only get access to the support forum after purchasing the theme.
  • Google on the theme name and see what you encounter comments. You may also see other websites created with that theme.


The above will then continue to apply. But with a WordPress theme for a photographer, a few other important elements come to mind:

  • What options are there for presenting your photos? Logical, but this is perhaps the most important argument for you.
  • How flexible is the theme? This is harder to assess, but the theme demos can often give you a good idea of the possibilities. You do not want to be stuck in a rigid layout.
  • Do you want to be able to sell photos online? WooCommerce offers the necessary options, but choose a theme that is suitable for use with WooCommerce.

Please note: if you make a purchase via the links on this website, we may receive compensation for this. That does not cost you anything extra. In addition, we simply give our opinion about the products we discuss based on our own experiences.


We want to have something to choose, so let’s take a quick look at the best WordPress photography themes of this moment!


Maybe not the first theme that you expect here. The Divi theme is an ‘all purpose’ theme and not especially suitable for photographers. But you should not underestimate the Divi theme. It is an all-rounder and certainly suitable for your photography website. Want to read more about Divi? I wrote an extensive review here before. The Divi theme is not free, but certainly offers value for money. Please note that the amount you pay annually returns.
Download the Divi theme here



The Oshine theme is also a so-called ‘multipurpose’ theme. Suitable for many applications. But it is ideally suited for creative people such as photographers, artists or for example a model portfolio. There are many different demo examples available that you can easily import. The full-screen options and the attractive features of the portfolio section make this WordPress theme a real bestseller.
Download Oshine theme



Nice, those commercial themes, you might think. But are there free variants? Of course, they are there too and some of them look really good too. A free theme usually offers fewer possibilities and is less flexible. But that can also be an advantage. They are often somewhat ‘lighter’, which benefits the speed and simplicity. Is Photoblogster exactly what you are looking for? Then you can download the free photography theme here:
Download Photoblogster



With such a name it is clear what the target group is of this WordPress theme: the photographer! This commercial theme is also full of options, which in this case are all aimed at the photographer. The theme offers so many possibilities that you as a photographer almost always have to work with.
Download Photography here


Origin is a theme of the creators of Divi: Elegant themes. Although this is not a pure photography theme, the appearance of the homepage is interesting enough to build a beautiful photography portfolio.
Download Origin here


Transcend is available in a free (‘light’) version, with which you can try the theme. But in the end, it is the intention of the creators that you purchase the pro version. Are you really looking for a free theme, pay attention to whether the desired functions are present in the free version.
Download Transcend here


Whiz is a commercial theme. But really a WordPress theme for photography, rightfully! It is full of possibilities, so beginners pay attention! A theme with many options also means that it takes some time and effort to get to know it well. Do not be fooled by the screenshot above. This view is only one of the many options available to give substance to your WordPress photo website!
Download Whiz here


Again a free theme for your photo website. With a pretty nice layout and the necessary possibilities. Not comparable with the options of the commercial themes, but the price is good.
Download Pixgraphy here


The beauty of the Aurel theme is that it basically chooses a dark background as the basis. That looks nice, but also has to fit with your photo material. This theme is again full of possibilities and the screenshot shown above is therefore only an example. Highly recommended!
Download Aurel here



Last in line, but not the least! The Napoli theme also offers you many different options. As with the other commercial themes, it, therefore, takes some time to get to know all options. But that time is well spent because you get a nice solution to show your photos and expand your portfolio.
Download Napoli here


First and foremost: there is no such thing as the best theme for the photographer. Especially the commercial themes mentioned here offer so many possibilities that you do not want to go wrong with that. The disadvantage can be the learning curve. Test and experiment and do not expect to have that photography website in half a day.

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