10 Advanced Tips to Get More Email Subscribers Fast

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Are you looking for ways to get more newsletter subscribers? In this article, we share the best tips with you!

Before we start we advise you to ensure that you have a good opt-in plugin for WordPress. The best opt-in plugins are easily linked to your e-mail service and can help you to collect e-mail addresses in various ways. Some very good opt-in plugins for WordPress are Thrive LeadsOptinMonster.

Have you activated the opt-in plug-in of your choice? Let’s see what you can do with it!

10 tips to get more newsletter subscribers

# 1. Create an Exit-Intent popup

You may already have quite a few visitors. But did you know that 65% of those visitors do not come back? That is not because they do not want to come back, but because they have not added a bookmark to your site, you have forgotten or you can not find them anymore. To ensure that they come back, you can use Exit-Intent technology. This automatically displays an opt-in popup to the visitors who are about to leave your website. And once you have their e-mail address, you can make sure they come back more often!

# 2. Share exclusive discounts and offers

Such an Exit-Intent popup can only prevent a visitor from closing the page if you give them a good reason to leave their e-mail address. Make sure your Exit-Intent popup contains an attractive offer! Think of exclusive discounts or offers, in exchange for their e-mail address. This is a great way to turn visitors who are about to leave your site in newsletter subscribers.

# 3. Add a welcome message

The first impression of your website must be a good one. A powerful, attractive welcome message can be a great way to get more newsletter subscribers. Also in that welcome message, you can offer your visitors a nice deal in exchange for leaving their e-mail address.

# 4. Do not ask for too much information

Most opt-in plugins offer you the possibility to add as many fields to your opt-in forms as you want. But always ask yourself: What information do you really need from a visitor? Most people do not want to enter all their personal details, just to subscribe to your newsletter. But that is not necessary. An e-mail address is now the only thing you need!

# 5. Add a CTA and option to your blog posts

Those visitors who read your blog posts completely are important to you. They apparently find your content so interesting that they do not leave your website halfway through reading. Enough reason to convert them from one-time visitors to subscribers. You can add a CTA at the end of your blog post and ask readers to leave their email address.

# 6. Put an option link in your Instagram / Twitter bio

Another way to get more newsletter subscribers is to put a divisible link in the biography of your Instagram and/or Twitter bio. Add a link to your homepage, a campaign page or a popular article with an opt-in form.

# 7. Hide unnecessary elements

Maybe you have a long sidebar with all kinds of widgets for your visitors. But all those widgets can distract your visitors from what you want them to do, namely to leave their e-mail address. The more distractions you add, the less likely you will get more newsletter subscribers. Hide the elements you do not need and focus on your option.

# 8. Add a ‘Subscribe to newsletter’ checkbox to your contact form

It is nice if visitors who fill out a contact form can immediately subscribe to your newsletter. Most contact form plugins for WordPress (such as WPForms) offer the possibility to add a subscription checkbox to your contact form. In other words, a sentence like ‘Yes, I want to subscribe to the newsletter’ with a box that they can tick.

# 9. Use ‘trigger words’ for buttons

Your CTAs must be convincing. Especially the buttons! Research shows that people click faster on buttons with personalized words.

To give an example: instead of “Download eBook” you can better use “Download my eBook”. And instead of “Start free trial subscription”, you better choose “Start my free trial subscription”.

# 10. Split tests your opt-ins

If you are unsure which method will give you the most newsletter subscribers, pour your entire campaign into a split test (also called A / B test) to find out which opt-in form works best on your website.

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